Terms for Rentals
All charges are for the time out, whether the equipment is used or not. No equipment will be reserved without the required reservation fees, deposits, if required, and a signed rental contract. There are no exceptions. There is a 25% reservation fee required on all rental contracts and all rental contracts must be paid in full 7 days prior to rental date. Reservations made within seven (7) days of rental date must be paid in full at the time of reservation. A valid California driver’s license is required and a bank credit card will be held for the term of the rental period. Other deposits for linens, dishware and machines will be required.

Cancellation Policy
Contracts cancelled between 14 days and more than 7 days prior to the rental date will be charged 25% of the contract price. Contracts cancelled between 7 days and more than 24 hours prior to the rental date will be charged 50% of the contract price. Contracts cancelled 24 hours or less prior to the rental date will be charged the full contract price.

Prices quoted are for a three business day use (rental period) with the exception of Chiavari chairs. If you rent on Thursday, the items rented are due back Monday because we are closed Sundays.

Late rental returns
First rental period is the full price. Every day late after the pick up/in date on your rental invoice, a charge of one-third of the rental will be due. (33 1/3% of the rental price per day.)

Delivery times are 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Monday thru Saturday. There is no Sunday delivery. Delivery is available at varying rates depending on the zip code to which the delivery is made.

Delivery is available at varying rates depending on the zip code to which the delivery is made. Additional charge is made for setup and take down of equipment, except for staging, canopies and various other equipment required to be set up by our delivery staff. Additional charges will be made for excessive time involved, including excessive wait times, and area not easily accessible to the delivery vehicle and/or delivery staff. Equipment must be restacked and ready for pick up in the same place it was delivered. If we have them available and leave chair carts, table carts, etc., the equipment must be neatly restacked on the carts.

Equipment care
All china, silverware, utensils, etc. should be scrapped clean or rinsed food-free and repacked in the same containers as delivered. Special containers are provided for china, silverware, glassware, etc. To insure that you receive your items sterilized, undamaged and table ready, we presoak the dishware, run them through a dishwasher that cleans and sanitizes the dishware, inspect while hand drying, and finally seal the dishware with cellophane wrap.

The customer will be charged replacement cost for missing items and damage. Customers will be provided instructions as to the care and/or operation of linens, dishware, machines and plastic tables. Tables, chairs and boxes are not weatherproof; please do not allow them to get wet as they will be destroyed. Failure to follow these instructions will result in additional charges to the customer for cleaning and/or replacement.

For items lost or damaged, the full replacement value will be charged including any costs involved in obtaining replacements, including shipping, sales taxes, etc. Please remember, any lost items that are eventually found will be gladly accepted and a full refund of the replacement charge returned. The rental fees are separate from the cleaning and replacement charges.

If customers have paid a deposit on linens, dishware or machines, any damages, replacement cost or cleaning costs will first be recovered from the deposit.

Online requests
(Note: Your reservation is not complete until all steps are completed. If you have questions re these procedures, please call us at 530-674-2790.)

  1. Select your rental products and quantities.
  2. Review your cart to make sure your order is complete and correct.
  3. Complete the event date, contact information, employer information and bank name and address and any delivery requests.
  4. Review a copy of the rental contract on our website. You will be requested to sign this.
  5. Submit your request.
  6. Our staff will contact you within one working day to confirm that we have the rental items available for the date of your event. They may make additional suggestions and discuss any issues, problems, delivery times, etc. with your request.
  7. Once availability of rental items have been confirmed by our staff, you will be e-mailed a copy of your invoice. Review the invoice to verify that the order is correct.
  8. Call us to make arrangements for your reservation fee.
  9. We will then e-mail you a rental contract and any addendums. (It must be signed either on line or at our store before the rental will be confirmed).
  10. Review and e-sign the rental contract where the arrows indicate. Once signed, hit the button to return the contract to us. A copy will be delivered to your e-mail.

Once we receive your signed contract reservation is now confirmed.